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In this website, we want to share with you a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to make a difference in some lives, not only in this world, and not necessarily just for this generation, but perhaps even for multiple generations and, most importantly, for eternity. Some of the people you will help you may never see in this world. You certainly will never know on this side of eternity all the people that you helped. However, if you can remember and imagine the scene that is described in Ray Boltz’ song “Thank You (for Giving to the Lord)” click to hear song , you will get a glimpse of what you probably will experience in heaven when you do finally know the impact of what you have done. This opportunity and invitation is not for everyone. Although we would like it to be, for some people their heart is perhaps not yet receptive to the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Your time, talents, treasures and prayers are all part of God’s unique gifts to you and only you. Regardless of whether you use your gifts in this opportunity or others, we challenge you to tithe all of them to God’s work, his people, and his glory! You will leave a legacy (larger than you will ever know) that will have changed lives, encouraged others and reflected the love of Jesus Christ.

May God richly bless you and your family. To the Glory of God and to the King of Kings, may we all praise his name!

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